Hello everyone & peace be upon you!

I'm Nadia. Let me share with you something about us. I started this humble company officially since 2014 when I was 22, with so many business trials and experiments. Not until August 2015 when I finally realize no matter how many times I try to ignore, baking spirit kept coming back to me. Giving it's own magical hint, sort of shouting at me : Nadia, baking and cooking is your destiny.. go discover your future, unleashed your full potential! There you go, I follow my heart, giving the best I could & I always let Allah do the miracle. I choose the name of mymajlis.com even before this website is born, not even a scratch. I just believe, the name itself will push me harder to go beyond my comfort zone. Basically I am just another humble home bakery in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Before I go further, l would like to acknowledge about two (2) main languages I'll be using; English & Bahasa Malaysia. I respect my people & I want them to be comfortable with our mother tongue. At the same time, I want readers from other part of the world to be able to explore this website too. I promise I will write in full sentence so that you can translate easily anytime you want. 

An ordinary person on the outside, but so ambitious inside. I just can't stop myself, the idea of creating this website came from nowhere and it took some time to finally launch this. Slowly but surely. Along the process I decided that I'm going to collaborate with my other half, my partner, my buddy & my husband. Because without his positivity, support & encouragement I wouldn't have come this far. He's been working on his photography business (part time) since 2011. Previously known as Bazooka Photography. The re-branding process make it as SOHO FOTO today. The name of mymajlis itself portrays "my event". What is the meaning of event without good food, scrumptious desserts and a photographer to capture the moment right? These are the essential elements in any majlis. Let us be part of your majlis!

Wait. Why do you see a wanderlust section here? What's the connection? Well, we are travellers at heart. We call ourselves the wanderlust genes (because IT IS in our genes). I thought.. why not I share some guide and tips to people who are just like me out there. Somehow it's going to be useful for certain people, I know. Plus, this website might be boring without blog. I love writing and the urge to make a comeback for blogging is so strong! The concept might be so weird but not for me -- because this is a living proof of passion turns into profession. I hope you enjoy mymajlis.com as much as I do. Thank you for reading this section too! You really awesome!


Till then,


Nadia Abdullah

A baker & the founder of mymajlis.com

Website-blogger (Admin of mymajlis.com)

A proud Malaysian

A self-taught baker 

"Travel is part of my soul"



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Nik Azan

The co-founder of mymajlis.com

Principal photographer/ owner of SOHO FOTO

A proud Malaysian

An entrepreneur 

Based in Malaysia & willing to travel the globe



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